Interview: Hochschule Pforzheim – Pforzheim University

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Hochschule Pforzheim – Pforzheim University


Nadine Ebmeyer, Germany, Class of 2017

Manager Lighthouse Germany, KPMG’s Center of Excellence for Data & Analytics, Frankfurt Office

“The MBA helped me to switch my career from Luxury Hospitality Management to Business Technology Consulting in the area of Data & Analytics”




Adriana Rotaru, Romania, Class of 2015

Expert Global Operations at 1&1 IONOS,Germany

"The MBA was a life and mind-set changing experience for me. I was already a confident person before, but the MBA helped me to connect the dots, doubt the given and challenge the status quo."




Dr. Patrick Planing, Germany, Class of 2007

Professor of Business Psychology, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, Germany

“Pforzheim University offers an exceptional MBA with teaching excellence and professional expertise. Especially, the international and highly diverse student body has enriched my study experience in Pforzheim and has helped me in developing personally and intellectually. Most importantly, the Pforzheim MBA was a true asset for me getting into the management field and to excel my personal career.”




James Dymond, USA, Class of 2004

Investor Relations Manager – Socially Responsible Investing, SAP SE, Germany

“The international aspect of Hochschule Pforzheim’s MBA program was a key factor in choosing this university. The opportunity to attend seminars from lecturers working in the industries to complement the academic lectures provided an excellent foundation for my career.”




Kevin van den Boom, Germany, Class of 2017

Project Lead Business Intelligence/Big Data, Daimler AG, Germany

“I wanted to do the next career step. Certainly, there are different options to do so, but for me a MBA study seemed to be the perfect fit. Hochschule Pforzheim´s very good reputation, combined with its extensive academic & professional network and the excellent price-performance ratio convinced me to choose Pforzheim.”



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